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SUPTours Dragon River


Paddleboarding into the mistery

When you see it from the air it really makes you blink your eyes twice… it’s as if it cannot be real… a shape of a dragon emerges from the algarvian hills when seen from high up in the sky!
The need to gather more water to cope with the algarvian dry and hot years made this landscape come true. In 1997 the water filled up the valleys and the dragon started to “awake”. Now, in rainny winters as the water levels rise the dragon’s tail increases in lenght.

The Paddleboarding tours that we share with you in this enigmatic work of Nature and Man are an amazing dip into the silence

Rarely we find anybody else in the water there and that allows us to be in almost complete silence from civilization. You can only hear the water, the wind and the birds chirping around. All that dimension imposes on us an incredible feeling of peace and quiets our torrent of thoughts. Something we should try every month. We advise you to bring: bathing suit, shorts, lycra or tshirt, sunscreen, a towel, water and a cap/hat because the sun and the heat will be meeting us in the dragon.
Please note that we only do these tours from October to April.

The Tour Program:
9:30am: Departure from Eolis in Cabanas de Tavira (40min. drive in our van.)
10:15am: Setting up and getting ready for the Paddleboarding Tour
1pm: Lunch at a traditional restaurante in Odeleite
3pm: Return to Eolis, in Cabanas de Tavira
(In case your hotel is on the way, we can pick you there directly)

Paddleboarding Tour

Tour pricing

The price includes: transfer, SUPtour and lunch.
There is a possibility of trying WingSUP if the meteo conditions are duable.

  • 80€/ person
  • 30€/ person

*See at Youtube in 1080p HD

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