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Ria Formosa SUPTours


Ria Formosa Natural Park

The Ria Formosa Natural Park spreads out through 60km of coast line in the beautiful Algarvian Eastern Coast from Cacela Velha to Faro in Portugal. Full of enigmatic little places it is well worth exploring over the waters.
You will join us in a Tour that will bring you peace, calm and well-being while experiencing paddleboarding in a fun and safe way. You will get all the information related to the lagoon’s sailling rules and the technical issues of the sport aswell so that you can go on your own in a following tour.
You can enjoy a beautiful tour away from the crowd even in August.

It will be mostly you and Nature.

We can also organize a challenge/teambuilding tour so that you and your family/friends will have even more fun!

If you are interested in this “Challlenge/Teambuilding event” we promisse you that you will have great fun and a lot of laughs.
If you are visiting with your parents and kids, we offer you a 1h tour for 4 people of 3 different generations for only 100€.
We want to be part of your family album these holidays.

The meeting point will always be Eolis shop in Cabanas de Tavira village in the Eastern Algarve.

Paddleboarding Tours in Ria Formosa

Paddleboarding tours pricing

The boards, paddles, leashes, vests and wetsuits are included in the price.

  • 40€
  • 30€/person
  • 60€
  • 45€/ person
  • 100€/ hour /4persons
  • 240€/2hours

*See at Youtube in 1080p HD

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