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Kitesurf Classes


Teaching Fun & Safe

Since 2004, leading people and friends into the kitesurf world has been a true pleasure. We keep re-thinking our methods so that we can reach you as easy as possible in one of the best spots in the world for learning how to kitesurf: Cabanas de Tavira in the Algarve in the south of Portugal.
You can expect us to adjust and adapt our lessons and teaching strateggies to your learning speed and style.
So, before you think you are too old for this adventure, let us tell you that our more senior student is 74 years old! Imagine how good it looks for a 70 years old person to wear a wetsuit! It makes us all 10 years younger, at least.

We will do our best because we do not do it for less than that. You are the reason we keep pushing through our best learning options.

You can also try your first KiteFoil steps with us.

During the Kitesurf lessons with us you will have availlable all the best gear allowing you to reach for the stars…
Wetsuit, harness, leash and helmet are mandatory and included in the lessons.
For the KiteFoil Lessons, bring your kite we will have the board.

If you are a grand-parent and would love to enjoy a kite flying experience with your grand-child, we have a 2,5m2 and a 6m2 availlable for you. Let’s create some nice and healthy memories in the East Algarve!

Kitesurf Classes

Kitesurf Classes pricing

The price includes: Wetsuit, vest, harness, Leash and helmet.

  • 140€/ 2hours
  • 400€/ 6hours
  • 180€/ person 4hours (2:1 instructor)
  • 340€/ person 8hours (2:1 instructor)
  • 150€/ 2hours
  • 85€/ 1h20 / per person
  • 60€ / 1h30 / per person

*See at Youtube at 1080pHD

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