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Wing SUP in Algarve: Experience & 4km Tour

Another amazing way to get to know our beautiful Natural Park of Ria Formosa in the Algarve is no doubt to travel over the water and get a new perspective of the colours, the sounds, the views and the silences. The paddleboarding board below your feet and the wing in your hands will allow you to float and ride the winds in a surprising and fun new way.

Even if you have never done it before, the chances that you will finnish your wingSUP session with a big smile on your face are not slim. We advise you to bring: bathing suit, shorts, lycra or tshirt, sunscreen, a towel, water, cap/hat and booties if you have.

You can try two different experiences with us:
. 1h30 of Wing SUP trial or a
. 2h30 Wing SUP trial & tour of 4km from Cabanas to Fábrica (or the other way around if the winds so demands).

When the wind blows at least 6/8knots from Southwest, WingSUP from Cabanas to Fábrica is mind blowing.

You will enjoy every bit!
All the gear we have will contribute to making your 4km tour a memorable one, even if you have never before paddleboard or used a wing.
We promiss you that you and your family will have a story to tell in the end.
Once in Fábrica, we will get back to Cabanas (departure point) in our van you do not need to worry about transportation.


WingSUP pricing

Whether you choose to do only a trial or to go for the full package, you will have lots of fun memories to talk about.

  • 60€/person / 1:30 hours
  • 120€/person / 2:30 hours

*See at Youtube in 1080p HD

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Downwind Cabanas to Fábrica


We will make it happen.

You only have to dream it.

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