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Eolis detailed “Story”

How did we get here...


Kitesurf course in Tarifa. Choice of the name EOLIS (trademark) as our brand (the wind as always inspired us. Eolis  comes from the greek mythology: God Eolo – God of wind)

The beginning is made with a lot of learning, Kitesurf and also Windsurf school. We open and develop a shop in Cabanas de Tavira .  The seasonality makes us think and organize complementary solutions for our
clients and strenghten our technical skills and continuous specialization. Organization of the 1st International Kite Festival of Tavira.

The 1st International Kite Festival of Tavira takes place in Cabanas’ Island in March 2006 promoting  the growth and the credibility of the EOLIS school and shop.  It was a very dynamic summer. We worked with several groups of youngsters in partnership with several entities.  The static, acrobatic and traction kites were a success.
New  partnerships arise and Eolis school in association with the Club Kitesurfing Isla Cristina, organized the 3rd Travessia Internacional Costa de La Luz – Algarve.

The choice of quality products has been a constant issue so we decided to accept the challenge and import  and distribute a great brand to Portugal: Ozone. At the same time another challenge is in progress: the international certification of Eolis according to the IKO standards (International Kiteboarding Organization).
The II Kite Festival takes place and gets bigger and now we call it Kite Festival of East Algarve (II FISA).
The summer was again very good with Eolis projects on the right track.

The Increasing success of Eolis School allowed us to achieve one goal pursued from the beginning of the project:  a 980 feet Kitebeach in Cabanas Island. Another success was the IKO recognition and certification as the IKO CENTER 871. With the III FISA, happens its affirmation in the National Kite Flying Festivals’ agenda. Eolis Shop also increases its representations with the invitation which we accepted to distribute the polish brand of Kiteboards SU-2 in Portugal.

Kite Beach – Eolis school is a reality of a 980 feet area in Cabanas Island with all the safety issues taken care of: life-guards, rescue boat, cottage, instructors certified by IKO and in First Aid and RCP. Eolis acquired a new boat to better serve our clients allowing a wider timetable at the beach.  Always aiming to contribute to a better quality in the teaching of Kitesurf, we organized 3 IKO courses in 2009: 1 IKO Assistant Instructor Course and 2 IKO Instructor Course (ITC). Eolis shop  started to distribute the kiteboards UNDERGROUND.

The Kitebeach  allows Eolis school  to offer better and better conditions to our clients ensuring a theoretical-practical formation service of excellence. We again organized  3 IKO courses:  2 IKO Instructor Course (ITC) and 1 IKO Assistant Instructor Course.

The Kitebeach re-starts in March to offer the best conditions possible to the ITC held at that time. Eolis school invests again: Stand Up Paddle boards and a Buggy, making it possible to teach kitebuggying.  At Eolis shop we started to also sell Wainman Hawaii kites besides Ozone kites. We added the Crazyfly kiteboards and Red Paddle Inflatable SUP boards to our increasing stock of specialized products.

Eolis school benefits from some changes improving the logistics related with the Kitebeach functioning increasing the area and the provision of services. From this moment on we offer services for wind and no-wind conditions. SUP and Kitebuggy are a good addition to our specialty which is kitesurf. Articles in local and regional magazines energize and power up both Eolis shop and Eolis school certified as an IKO Center. Tripadvisor used worldwide is naturally chosen by our students to send us back feedback. We are always amazed by their comments which are no doubt our best welcome card.

Eolis school develops and organizes Kitecamps in order to offer the possibility to do high standards quality sports all year round and for several publics: youngsters, women and men who want to get to know and practice a radical sport, which has enormously developed allowing more and more a high level of safety for those who go for it.  At Eolis shop we can find one more kiteboard brand: Kitelement.

One more investment of Eolis shop increasing the number of SUP boards (either for our organized tours or for rentals). We organized 3 more IKO courses: Assistant Instructors’ courses in November and December and an IKO Instructors’ course in December (ITC). Besides Tripadvisor we can now find Eolis in two important tour guides: “Lonely Planet – Algarve” and “DK Eyewitness Travel – Top 10 Algarve”.

We again organized some more IKO courses: two Assistant Instructor courses in March and May and one Instructor Training course (ITC) in March.  Eolis shop sells again the SU-2 Kiteboards from Poland. We participated in a promotion week: Algarve Nature Week promoted and organized by Turismo do Algarve. Eolis also participates in two promotional videos: one for the Algarve Nature Week and the other one for “Master Dream – Digital Moovie” productions.

We participated again in the promotional week: “Algarve Nature Week”, promoted by Turismo do Algarve.
Eolis received the Certificate of Excellence from “Tripadvisor”.
Received the distinction of “Water Sports Company of the Year” from Southern Europe by the Luxury Travel Guide.
Started a partnership with the accommodation “Sítio da Praia”, mainly for our FITS offer (Fun In The Sun).

We have organized various Training Courses, open to the community in general: Meteorology; Marine Rescue / Self – Protection Measures.
Eolis organized 1 more IKO courses: Assistant Instructors
Recognition of the name of Nature Tourism company by the ICNF.
Received Certification as an IPDJ Certified Non-Certified Training Entity.
Partner entity of the Summer Film Shows of the Cineclube of Tavira.
We received the distinction of “Adventure Tour Operator 2017” for Portugal for the iGAP Travel Guide Global Awards.
Eolis once again received the Distinction from “Water Sports Company of Southern Europe 2018” by the Luxury Travel Guide.

We participated again in the promotional week: “Algarve Nature Week”, promoted by Turismo do Algarve.
Eolis received the Certificate of Excellence from “Tripadvisor”.
Fomos entidade Parceira das Mostras de Cinema de Verão do Cineclube de Tavira.
Organizámos e ministrámos a Formação certificada pelo IPDJ para Treinadores de Kiteboard: “Organização e Gestaão de Escola de Kiteboard”.

Eolis received the Certificate of Excellence from “Tripadvisor”.
Partner entity of the Summer Film Shows of the Cineclube of Tavira.
Eolis started selling Ozone boards and harnesses.
Openning of our Art Gallery: Eolis d’Arte in Cabanas de Tavira.

We received once again the “Tripadvisor” certificate: Traveller’s Choice 2020.
Definition of an Emergency plan because of COVID-19
New bet: BLOG Coisas d’Eolis
Personnal and Professional Training.

Definition of the new Emergency plan because of COVID-19
Feed: BLOG Coisas d’Eolis
Website Eolis in italian
Personnal and Professional Training
Definition of a new offer for the months of: Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb e March: SUP TOURS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE
Podcast:CafePra2 with the partnership of the Team of Aventura Social

Feed: BLOG Coisas d’Eolis
Construction of the new Eolis Beach Cabin
Podcast:CafePra2 with the partnership of the Team of Aventura Social
Personnal and Professional Training with a business coach
Establisment of new partnerships with local entreprises
Development of the offers for the months of: Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb e March: SUP TOURS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE

Renewal of the yearly authorization for Eolis Beach Cabin
New successful offer: Wingsup Downwind of 4km from Cabanas to Fábrica
Professional Training and Updating for instructors and guides
Organization of the 1st Seminar: Nature and Well-being
Establisment and development of new partnerships with local entreprises
Update of the Eolis’ Risk Management Plan
Development of new products: E-book on “Safety Features in Kitesurf”

We will make it happen.

You only have to dream it.

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