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Where the green and the blue write a love story...

Azores, my love.

Since I was a teen I fell in love with the Azores. A love I need to say is normally reciprocal… nonetheless, sometimes you expect to daily get in in loads of outdoors adventures but the rainy weather tells you: Tomorrow.
But even if you can’t go trekking to discover new things about yourself, you can splash and bathe in the hot thermal waters, namely in São Miguel or Graciosa; Wander around in some lava caves in Terceira or Pico; Understand the Geopark in its museums in all islands; Enjoy the Wine tasting offers; Check out the world famous Faial Marina and the Peter Café; Discover the Tea, the coffe, the banana and the pineaple plantations…and so many more things…

When I first started to consider this oportunity to share my feelings towards the Azores with friends with made me feel happier <3
Now that it has finnaly come true I can see the whole picture. I will consider different crowds, but with a commom purpose: “BE more Nature”. Afterall Eolis’ slogan is indeed: Nature for Playground.

We will start with São Miguel Island in the Azores.
Be prepared for a pack that will amaze you. It will have awesome landscapes and trekkings, water challenges, SPA and hot springs, tree climbing adventures and… Tasty food.
You can decide if you prefer to join us in November (advised challenge if you have some small muscle pains or similar) or in December (challenge for people that do not feel any kind of muscle pain or similar).

November São Miguel Adventure


December São Miguel Challenge

azores islands

It will be an adventure I will personally guide and be sure that I am overwhelmed to share with you.

Other islands and more brave moments to come in 2025!

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